“Rick Heil is a Christian Rock icon with a pure and genuine heart for ministry. He is a recurring special guest at our church and outreach crusades. In my opinion, he has one of the coolest voices in the industry and is one of the finest humans I’ve ever met.”” - Dr. Tim Hill - Senior Pastor, CrossRoads Church Casa Grande, AZ
When I thought it could not be done – to bring one of the best Christian bands on the planet to our chapel – the leadership of SONICFLOOd settled the issues and put me at peace instantly. The guys showed up in Mannheim, Germany ready to eat hot wings, share their music as well as their friendship. Awesome dudes! The concert was the first Christian concert in a Mannheim chapel and people came all the way from Ramstein Air Force Base, about 80 miles, to share the event. Thank you for being more than flexible, accommodating and professional music ministers! Anytime, anywhere, again!” - Battalion Chaplain David Cromeenes, 1-214th Mannheim AFB, Germany
SONICFLOOd’s participation in our Combined Worship Service at Andersen Air Force Base Guam was one of the most spiritually uplifting and exciting chapel events I have experienced in my twenty-six years of military service. This will forever be a wonderful memory for our entire chapel community.” - Senior Protestant Chaplain Paul Castillo, Maj, ASAF, Andersen AFB Guam


"Music was created by God, as was every instrument, to be used to bring Him glory!

...All throughout the scriptures we read how important music is to God and to His creation," says Rick Heil, lead singer and front man of the band SONICFLOOd.

"In fact, the book of Psalms is entirely devoted to praising the Creator of the Universe in every situation with every kind of instrument. We are even commanded in the New Testament to sing and make melody with all our heart to the Lord and to address each other in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs (Col. 3:16 and Eph. 5:19)."

It is this desire and belief that is central to SONICFLOOd.

SONICFLOOd has undoubtedly made an impact on modern worship as we know it today. They have released eight albums since their debut in 1999, sold over two million records, and received numerous Dove awards and a Grammy nomination. Their brand of modern worship—guitar and drum driven praise has made a major impact on worshippers all over the world

Not content to spread their music and powerful message only here in the United States, SONICFLOOd has remained committed to spreading God’s Word internationally, consistently touring all over the world, including India, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, and Turkey.

At the heart of SONICFLOOd is a longing that transcends just making music; it is a longing to see people worship God wherever they are, geographically and spiritually. “We want to see people falling in love with Jesus Christ through this amazing vehicle and gift we call music. May we see greater revelation of just how much God loves His creation and then press into that wonderful love with our worship!”

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